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Park Zone        


               Rick Tyler (the Wrench) flies his 700 Helie at Johnstown    Click Here         

                An evening flight over our field with Roger's Plane-Cam  Click Here

                A noontime flight over our field using the same Plane-Cam  Click Here

                     Noontime flight over our field on  August 6th, 2012  Click Here

                        First Flight of Bruce Thomas's P-47 Thunderbolt   Click Here

                    Scott Flies Ken's P-40 War Hawk  (June 17, 2012)    Click Here

              Fred flies his Control Line Airplane, July 17th, 2010 at the Johnstown RC field

                        Bruce Thomas Flies his Partenavia P-68 Twin    Click Here

                              Eric Brown flies his P-51 Mustang   Click Here

                                  Neil Flies his "Ole Reliable"   Click Here

                        Cliff flies his "Straub Special" at the field July 3rd, 2010

             Roger flies his 55 inch wingspan Cessna 183 Electric on Fathers Day 2010

                  Scott Flies the Pulse XT and really puts it through it's paces

             Sam Crawford flies his Helio at the Johnstown RC Club's Field June, 2011

                    Bruce Thomas flies his Hanger 9 P-51 Mustang, August 23, 2011

                       Roger Luther flies his Hanger 9 Pulse XT, August 23, 2011

              Visitors from West Virginia Fly Giant Scale Aircraft at our field August, 2012
                               Dave Harris Flies the 37% YAK      Click Here
                              Kenny Harris Flies the 35% YAK     Click Here

    Below is a You-Tube video taken at our flying field by Matt Tedrow and Dwayne Kieta
on Sunday, August 17th.   It's nine minutes long, and lots of grass at first, but has
some neat shots of our field and the Saddle Club.  Note at 5:19 on the film you can
see another plane flying below down the field coming toward you.  Enjoy!


    Below is another neat You-Tube video of several passes over our flying field taken on
Sunday, August 31st using a small mini-cam video recorder using Roger's Twist for the flight.
You can pause it to look closer when over the tent or parking area.  Enjoy!   (4 minutes long)


    Below is a cute YouTube video of a "teddy bear" flying a model airplane equipped with several small video camera's.   Very neat to watch, you think he is really flying the thing!


Delta Jet Video               A real fast model jet airplane

22 ft. B-29 Plane            A "big" four engine B-29        

Early RC History             Video's of very early RC modeling and flying

A Flying Lawnmower ?     
  Ever wonder how it looks to land on a Carrier:
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