Johnstown RC Club
  AMA District III ---  Club Charter #718



Club History

      The Johnstown R/C Club was formed in 1962 and chartered with the AMA in the Richland Township area of Johnstown, PA.  Early members were Caleb Butler, Don Butler, Paul Yuhas, Bill Botteicher, Jim Patterson, Bob Berky, and Bill Hensel.   During 2012 the club celebrated it's 50 year anniversary.   Initial dues were 25 cents per meeting, and were held in Caleb Butler's basement on an old picnic table.   The dues usually went for coffee and donuts.  Current meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Richland Township Municipal Building Community Room.  (Located on Schoolhouse Road, near UPJ and the Richland Twp. High School)  The meetings are held later in the evening during the summer months to allow for flying time before the meetings.

   The club membership hovers between 40-50 members of all ages.  Annual dues are now $55/year, and AMA membership is required of all members and flying guests.   We welcome guests from other clubs as long as they fly with one of the Johnstown R/C Club members, and have a current AMA card.

   The club has had six different flying fields over these past 50+ years.  The first site was at the old Salix, or Luther airport, near the present field.  Next, the club had a field off of Hostetler Road, just west of Scalp Avenue.  The third field was located on the New Ashtola Road, just off Rt. 56 on the other side of Windber, PA.  Later, the club field was moved to "The Chicken Farm" near Windber Recreation Park off of Rt. 160 between Elton and Windber.  Next they flew at a field owned by UPJ near the Met Life Office complex off of Schoolhouse Road in Richland Township.  Our latest and current flying field is located between Elton and Salix, PA on Saddle Club Road, near the Windber Country Club.   We have been at the present site for over 30 years.   Current members who have joined in the past 30 years or so, have missed out on the hundreds of hours of planning and hard work that our early and founding members spent in obtaining, preparing, and getting these various flying sites into shape for RC fun.

    We fly electrics, gas powered, control line, drones, and free flight model airplanes.  We have had a number of guests fly very large planes on several occasions.  Nick Ziroli, who is well known in RC circles, and is a member of the AMA Hall of Fame, is a friend of one of our members.  Nick has been a frequent guest and has flown his 100 inch wingspan Sky Raider, as well as his P-51 electric, and other planes in demonstrations.   During our 50th anniversary year we had several giant scale planes fly at our field including a 37% YAK and a 35% Edge, which had 10 foot wing spans.


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