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Airplanes, Helicopters, and Drones (Quads)

* * * Celebrating 61 Years! * * *

and 46 years at our current Air Field!


Gold Leader Club

Next Club Meeting Dec 5, 2023


Richland Twp Municipal Bldg
For the forseeable future, All our meetings will be at this location.

Bring Something to Show & Tell!

Enter Back Door from the Back Parking Lot.

322 Schoolhouse Rd l Johnstown PA 15904

Next meeting after that is Jan 2, 2024
Indoor Fly-In!

* * *  Hot Topics  * * *

Johnstown PA RC Club has FRIA!
(FAA Recognized Identification Area)
for flying unmanned aircraft without an RID (Remote ID) Unit

More details to follow from our Club Officers

For more on RID's and FRIA's
check the AMA site and click the Search button (top right corner), search for "RID FRIA".
That will bring up the latest info AMA has on it.


FAA Extended Remote ID & FRIA Enforcement

6 Months to Mar 16, 2024

However, there may still be some restrictions that apply.
Check out this video Here

See this Link to the FAA Announcement

Acedemy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Safety Code

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